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CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

Tooling for CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

WhizCut offers a complete range of carbide cutting tools specially developed for CNC Swiss automatic lathes. With our new technology WhizCut will help You improve productivity and reduce interruptions in production in your CNC Swiss automatic lathe.

WhizCut - Tooling for CNC Swiss automatic lathes

The following is a list of CNC Swiss automatic lathes with gang tool setup

Machine Toolshank Length if Specified
Citizen Cincom B12-l 10x10 100
Citizen Cincom B12-V 10x10 100
Citizen Cincom L16-lll 10x10 60-150
Citizen Cincom L20-lll 12x12 60-150
Citizen Cincom L16-Vll 10x10 60-150
Citizen Cincom L20-Vll 12x12 60-150
Citizen Cincom L25 16x16 60-130
Citizen Cincom M12 10x10  
Citizen Cincom M16 10x10 alt 12x12  
Citizen Cincom M20 10x10 alt 12x12  
Citizen Cincom MSL12 10x10  
Citizen Cincom e32-lV 16x16 90
Ge Fong GNP-1712-D 12x12  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 12/16 10x10  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 20 12x12  
Cubic Machinery Diamond 32 16x16  
Gildemeister GLD 12 12x12  
Hardinge Conquest ST216-A/B 12x12  
Hardinge Conquest ST220-A/B 16x16  
Hardinge Conquest ST225-A/B 16x16  
Hanwa Hanex XP 12 8x8 85
Hanwa Hanex XP 18 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex SNP 11 8x8 85
Hanwa Hanex SNP 17 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex BS 18 12x12 85
Hanwa Hanex SS25 16x16 100
Hanwa Hanex BS 18    
Manurhin Compact 12x12  
Manurhin Swing 13 12x12  
Manurhin Swing 20 16x16  
Star Micronics SW-7 8x8 80-120
Star Micronics SA-12 10x10 95-125
Star Micronics SA-16 10x10 95-125
Star Micronics SR-16 12x12  
Star Micronics SR-20 12x12  
Star Micronics SR-32 16x16 100-135
Star Micronics SH-12    
Star Micronics RNC-16A/Bll    
Star Micronics KNC-25ll 16x16 78
Star Micronics KNC-32ll 16x16 78
Star Micronics SST-16 12x12 95-115
Star Micronics SV-20 12x12 alt 16x16  
Star Micronics SV-32 16x16 135
Swiftlevel Superswift 160 12x12  
Swiftlevel Superswift 220 12x12  
Tornos-Bechler Deco 2000-10 8x8  
Tornos-Bechler Deco 2000-20 16x16  
Tsugami BO12 12x12 85
Tsugami BO16 12x12 85
Tsugami BS12 12x12 85
Tsugami BS16 12x12 85
Tsugami BS20 16x16  
Tsugami BS26 16x16  

Please update us of any CNC Swiss automatic lathe not in this list.

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