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WhizIn - Precision Cutting Tools for Small Part Machining

The Strongest Internal Cutting Tool for Small Part Machining

WhizIn, a revolutionizing patented product developed by WhizCut, is designed to improve productivity of internal applications. It has been specially developed for small diameters in internal turning applications and is unlike anything else on the market.

The WhizIn tool holder for boring bars has the carbide boring bar mounted at an angle to achieve the maximum stability for a set diameter. By grinding away less from the base of the boring bar, the boring bar becomes more stable. Other benefits are less grinding time and grinding stress and that the coolant may go through the tool holder and spray directly on to the insert cutting zone.

The WhizIn program includes a wide range of tool holders and boring bars for internal turning, grooving, threading, back turning and face grooving etc. The inserts are fully ground and made of micro grain carbide.







  WhizIn carbide inserts vs conventional insert    
Cross section of WhizIn Insert Cross section of conventional insert

Cross section critical point WhizIn




Cross section critical point Conventional




The WhizIn Boring Bar Set at an Angle

A WhizIn boring bar has up to 50% more material at the critical point compared with a conventional boring bar. The angle that the boring bar is clamped into the toolholder means the boring bar grows thicker with the length of the bar. This leads to a more stable tool.

The WhizIn boring bar is designed in a way that minimal grinding is required. This results in a less expensive tool but also a tool that has less grinding stress. With lesser grinding stress the tooling performance is more consistent and stronger than a conventional boring bar.


We Clamp it Crooked,
You get a Stronger Tool and You Pay Less!

The WhizIn Carbide Boring Bars

  • Better tool stability
  • Improved surface finish
  • Increased tool life
  • Chip control down to the smallest dimensions

The WhizIn Tool Holder

  • Through coolant
  • Double screws for security and stability
  • Special tool holder designs for small part machining
  • Same holder for left and right hand boring bars


WhizIn Internal Turning

Boring Bars
Boring bar for Turning Boring bar for back turning
Boring bar for grooving Boring bar for Threading
Boring bar for Turning
Back Turning
Boring bar for back turning
Boring bar for grooving
Boring bar for Threading
Face Grooving
Boring bar face grooving insert
Tool Holders
Internal Tool Holder


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