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Precision Tooling for CNC Swiss type Automatic Lathes

Tooling for CNC Swiss Automatic Lathes

WhizCut is the leading manufacturer of cutting tools specially developed for CNC Swiss type automatics. WhizCut offers a complete range of carbide inserts for turning, boring bars, thread mills and micro drills. With this precision tooling WhizCut will help You improve productivity and reduce interruptions in production in your Swiss lathe.


WhizTwin - New Twin-edged Parting off

WhizCut has re-invented the parting off insert for the future: WhizTwin is a bold new parting off insert that helps reduce waste material and has a cutting edge stability.


WhizCut Swiss optimized tool holder with coolant

WhizCut External Toolholders and Inserts

WhizCut has a set of tool holders and the most extensive line of inserts for external turning in Swiss automatics.

The WhizFix tool holder system for external turning in swiss automatics uses a bent pin and a nut to index the insert. Indexing an insert is easy, accurate and quick. You can index or change the insert while the tool holder is in the machine even if there only is access from the back side of the tool holder. WhizHip toolholder with high pressure coolant

Most WhizCut toolholders are also available in a WhizHip version. The WhizHip tool holders have high pressure coolant through the toolhoolder.   


WhizThread Tooling for External Threading 

The WhizThread tooling system is a full range of threading tools for Swiss automatics. The threading inserts have four fully ground cutting edges and are available in wide range of geometries. The threading tool holders are designed to give the threading inserts maximum stability. All this together results in a treading tool system for CNC Swiss screw machines that outperforms any other tooling setup.

The WhizThread tool holders are available with the world renowned WhizFix tool holder system for reduced interruptions in production in CNC Swiss automatics. 

WhizThrill threading tools for swiss automatics


WhizIn internal turning tools for swiss automatics

WhizIn Internal Cutting System

The WhizIn tool holder for internal turning in Swiss automatics has the carbide boring bar mounted at an angle to achieve greater precision. By mounting the carbide boring bar at an angle we grind away less from the base of the insert which makes the boring bar more stable. Other benefits are less grinding time and grinding stress and that the coolant may go through the tool holder and spray directly on to the cutting zone.


WhizThrill Solid Carbide Thread Mills

The WhizThrill deburring solid carbide thread mills take thread milling to the next level. WhizThrill will change the way thread mills are used today.
WhizThrill thread mills are produced with the best carbide and coating combination to be in forefront of technology both when it comes to tool design and material. WhizCut also offers a wide range of micro thread mills with extra tool strength. 

WhizThrill carbide thread mills


WhizDrill Micro Drills for the Smallest and Most Demanding Applications

WhizDrill is a range of carbide micro drills developed for the smallest and most demanding drill operations. With our unique and very effective production of these very small carbide drills we are able to produce drills according to your requests.

WhizDrill Carbide Micro Drills

WhizCut Special features

  • Inserts for all standard applications
  • Up to 20° positive cutting rake
  • Fully ground edge
  • Micro grain Carbide
  • PVD coated carbide inserts
  • Chip control
  • Unique external back turning insert
  • WhizFix for easy indexing of inserts in the machine without taking out the tool holder
  • WhizHold's wide range of tool and work holding products specially developed for swiss type lathes


WhizCut Logo

WhizCut manufactured precision Swiss tooling is specially suited for CNC Swiss automatic lathes such as Star, Citizen, Tsugami, Hanwha, Gildemeister and Tornos.

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