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WhizThrill - Solid Carbide Thread Mills


The WhizThrill deburring solid carbide thread mills take thread milling to the next level. Users of thread taps and thread mills have for years been battling problems of getting burrs when threading holes. A WhizThrill together with the WhizCut software solves this in one single move giving a perfect result.


WhizThrill is not a traditional style solid carbide thread mill. Many of the different styles have unique geometries which are very favourable for the tool user. Some of the advantages are:

  • The WhizThrill can deburr the thread entrance without having to make a chamfer
  • Micro Thread Mills, Metric Thread Mills
  • and Unified Thread Mills
  • Wide range of special pipe thread thread mills including Whitworth, BSPT, NPT, NPTF and NPSF
  • Range from M1-M42, 0,4-4 mm pitch.
  • Coolant through available, both straight and radial.
  • Micro grain Carbide
  • Special TiAlCN PVD Coating for best surface finish and maximum tool life for regular Thread Mills and an AlCrN coating for extra edge sharpness for micro Thread Mills.
  • Close tolerances on thread profile
  • Easy to use programming guide for the most effective programming
  • Tapered endmill for NPT and NPTF
  • Double Deburr available. Contact a WhizCut distributor for a quote.
  • Specials such as thread mills for bone plates can be produced
WhizThrill Thread Mill vs Concentional Thread Mill


WhizThrill Double Deburr Thead Mills

Are you thread milling a through hole and getting problems with burrs on both sides?
WhizCut produces double deburring thread mills, where both sides are deburred in the normal thread milling process. Please note that this is most likely a special as we need to know the exact length of the thread.



WhizThrill deburring thread mills vs convetional thread milling

WhizThrill Double Deburr Specs

Ordering the right double deburr thread mill is easy. All that is needed is the diameter, pitch, and the thickness of the plate to be thread milled.

Double deburr Thread Mill specification

Double deburr Thread Mill vertical spec


WhizThrill Specials

If a measurement is needed that you cannot find in our catalogue, we can arrange cutting a standard thread mill to the correct length for a small fee. We can also grind special forms such as tapered thred mills for bone plates.

Thread Mill Cut to Length
Cut to length

Thread Mill for Dental Inplants
Special thread mill for bone plates


Thread Mill Software Program

Thread Milling is not a difficult operation to do when one has the right support. For this reason WhizCut offers a program, free of charge to all customers, that will help program the CNC machine. The WhizThrill software aid is a very user friendly program that recommends the programming of the CNC machine when using WhizThrill solid carbide thread mills. The program is updated regularly, so make sure to have the latest version. Get the latest version free of charge from your local distributor or by contacting us through the Thread Mill Software request form.
WhizThrill Thread Milling Program Software
Screenshot of WhizThrill Thread Mill Software Aid

Thread Milling vs Thread Tapping


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