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Kama-IMS was founded in 2000. Our activities are aimed at fully equipping the modern machine tools of the renewing Russian companies. During the full period of our existence we have gained experience of implementation and application at our customers. We have used this experience to carefully select suppliers of cutting tools and machining equipment. We have selected these suppliers according to criteria such as quality, accuracy, durability and stability and of course price.

Among the products that Kama-IMS is the official representative in Russia for are:

  • CERIN (Italy) - Producer of carbide monolithic axial tools.

  • D'ANDREA (Italy) - Production Systems and boring machine tool accessories as well as cross-cut and CNC boring heads.

  • TaeguTec (Korea) - Production tools with mechanical fastening plates.

  • Hobe (Germany) - production tool for internal processing small-sized parts.

  • WhizCut (Sweden) - manufacturer of internal and external tooling for swiss automatic lathes.

  • Wizard-Service - The solution of metrological problems in enterprises in the field of linear and angular measurements.

Kama-IMS provide technical support to implement and use this new equipment and tools, as well as further technological support.



98, Komsomolskiy pr.,

614010 Perm.


Tel. +7 (342) 241-19-51

Fax. +7 (342) 241-17-34




WhizCut is currently seeking additional representatives in Russia.

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