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WhizFix - Indexing the Insert

The WhizFix tool holder system uses a pin and a nut to make it possible to index or change the insert from the opposite side of the tool holder. The WhizCut tool holder system is the most effective system for CNC automatic lathes on the market today.

To index an insert into a WhizFix tool holder you first assemble the bent pin, insert and nut together. You then insert the package, by holding in the nut, from the side of the tool holder. When the insert is sitting in the tool holder you tighten the nut with your fingers. The final tightening is done from the back of the tool holder with a screwdriver. The insert is then automatically drawn into place.

Indexing an insert takes no more than 15 seconds.
Changing an insert takes 30 seconds. By having an insert pre-assembled on another pin, the insert can always be indexed or changed in 15 seconds.

By indexing an insert with WhizFix there is no risk of damaging the new cutting edge.

Did you know:
The sharp edge of a carbide cutting edge can easily be chipped by touching a piece of steel or other material that normally is very easy to machine. This can easily happen if the tool holder is removed and re-clamped by finding the position by light touch of tool to the work-piece or bar.


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