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WhizCut at EMO Milano 2021

WhizCut is entering the EMO Milano-stage with a smile on our lips and we are bringing numerous new products and inventions that are ready for the european limelight:

  • Do it the Y-axis way and say bye bye to long and tough chips. WhizCut has
    developed a brand new toolholder to WhizTwin — our latest range of parting off
    tools. The WhizTwin parting off insert is short and has two front cutting edges —
    perfect for Y-axis turning.
  • Think small and reach bigger production goals with WhizHip 8x8. Small parts in small
    machines deserve the same opportunities as big parts in big machines. The line of
    WhizHip holders are now available in 8x8 mm shanks.
  • Collabs that transform into brilliant tooling. That is what our new product line
    WhizAdapt is all about. First out is the ingenious PZ©turn from Mas Tools: quick
    change heads that fit the entire range of WhizCut inserts!



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