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WhizHold™ is here - let all swiss lathes produce to their full capability

Take care of your CNC swiss type machines - and they will take care of your business. WhizHold is a wide range of tool- and workholding products specially developed for swiss type lathes.

“At WhizCut we live and breathe swiss type machining. Precision tooling is in our DNA and we know the importance of well equipped machines”. Chris Schmidt, Managing Director of WhizCut is convinced that WhizHold, their latest product line, will help you get the most out of your swiss lathes.

With WhizHold and WhizCut’s other range of quality products you can fully set up a Swiss lathe with precision tools as: collet holders, collets and revolving ends. If you grasp the opportunity to help your machines to be their best selves you also simplify your buying process with the help of WhizCut.

“This principle, taking care of your machines, is a key factor for success in the precision parts manufacturing industry”, says Chris Schmidt and continues: “It is at the heart of creating long lasting business where there is an increasing demand on tight tolerances, quick turn-arounds and variety of materials.”

Why does this matter? Thanks to new CNC technology and its ongoing improvements, machine design, tooling innovations, parts producing and cost pressures - the capabilities of swiss-type CNC machines have grown. With that expansion comes higher demand on flawless and exact tools in the entire manufacturing process.

No matter how good your cutting tools, specially developed for CNC swiss type automatics, are - they may not produce to their full capability. Which is exactly why you should treat your swiss machine with an innovative and integrated approach - it is not more competitive than its weakest tool.

WhizCut helps you to ensure that workpiece and tool clamping is matched to your machine’s capabilities and the type of work that will be done.

Don't forget: take good care of your machines and they will take care of your production.


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