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WhizCut Toolholder and Insert

WhizCut of Sweden AB has developed a range of turning tools for CNC Swiss type automatics and other small lathes. The main feature of the tooling range is that it has two types of clamping. One with centerlock screw and one with a special pin type clamping, which allow the inserts to be changed from either the chuck or collet side, or alternatively, from the side away from chuck or collet. The later design of toolholder has a slot into which a bent pin with nut and insert can be fitted. The insert can easily be indexed or changed from the opposite side to the cutting edge. The bent pin, tapered nut, slot and countersink in the holder gives the tool several special characteristics:

  1. The pin will not twist when tightening the nut
  2. The tool is backed off 30° from its cutting point.
  3. The insert is securely pulled and locked into its position in the pocket.
  4. The insert can be quickly, easily and accurately indexed or changed from the opposite side

The insert is claimed to be indexed in 15 seconds and changed in 30 seconds in the pin type toolholder even if the toolholder is mounted in a gang tool setup with only 15 mm between the tools. The pin type tool is therefore ideal in machines with gang tools where there is only access on the side away from the inserts cutting edge.
The toolholder with centerlock screw uses the same vertically mounted insert as the pin type toolholder. This toolholder is for normal lathes where the cutting edge side has plenty of room.
The WhizCut range consists of toolholders and inserts for turning, copy-turning, groove-turning, rough-turning or chamfering, grooving, facing, threading and parting off with parallel, 6° or 15° edge. All the inserts have fully ground cutting edges and are available with various cutting rakes from 0-20° in both uncoated and PVD coated grades.

WhizCut Toolholder


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