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WhizCut Code Key

Code key for : Tool holders, Inserts

Code Key Tool holder
Example: WSK15ER 1212K-2P  Explanation
  W Method of mounting W = Straight tool holder
D = Double insert angled tool holder
Z = Angled tool holder
  S Type of clamping P = WhizFix pin
S = Center lock screw
  K Type of applications J = Axial turning
K = Radial turning
  15 Insert size 11 = Insert size 11
15 = Insert size 15
20 = Insert size 20
  E Type of machining E = External applications  
  R Hand of tool holder L = Left hand
R = Right hand
  1212 Tool shank Tool shank in mm. Available dimensions: 8x8, 10x10, 12x½" (1205), 12x12, 16x16 and 20x20  
  K Length of tool holder F = 85mm
K = 125mm
  2 Tilt of insert 2 = 2°, K-style
8 = 8°, J-Style
  P Form of tool holder P = Front is backed off for deeper grooves
T = Untouched corner for full support of insert


Code Key Inserts

 Example: J15ER N12-1-3

  J Type of insert J = Axial turning
K = Radial turning
  15 Insert size 15 = Insert length in mm. Available sizes are: 11, 15 and 20mm  
  E Type of machining E = External  
  R Hand of insert R = Right hand
L = Left hand
  N Type of application N = Many styles available  
  12-1-3 Characteristics, depends on style In this example the 12 is the cutting rake °, the 1 is the radius size, and the 3 is the size of the wiper  


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