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Radial Turning: K-type Inserts & Tool Holders


Radial turning inserts for back turning, grooving, threading and parting off Style P, Y, Z, S, U for Parting Off Style TS for partial profile threading Style VLR for Back Turning Profiles Style C Inserts for Back Turning when there is an undercut requested Inserts for an Extra Finishing Cut & Back Turning  Inserts for Back Turning Inserts for grooving Inserts for radius grooving Style T for Partial Profile Threading Style YR, ZR and SR for Parting Off against the Sub Spindle  


Resulting cutting force on Radial Turning Tool Holder Resulting cutting force on radial turning tool holder from above

The K-type inserts are used for back turning, threading, grooving and parting off. WhizCut wide range of inserts for these applications making it possible to always get the correct insert for the application.

The K-type insert is somewhat tilted in the tool holder to give good clearance and maximum stability. The resulting cutting force is illustrated beside.

Red line = Resulting cutting force


Tool holders for Parting Off

WhizCut has several different types of tool holders for parting off, both against the sub spindle and when the part is very small and needs to be grabbed by the sub spindle. WhizAdjust is a height adjustable tool holder for back working.

WSK15ER 1616K-2CA
WSK15ER 1212K-2B Tool holders for parting off against sub spindle
WSK15ER 1212K-2P WhizCut conventional tool holder
WSK15EL 12Q6K-2P Left hand tool holer with insert in center
WSK15ER 1224K-2C

Recommended Cutting Data for K-type Inserts

Material Hardness Feed Rate
m/min m/min
HB mm/rev Uncoated Coated
Carbon steel 150 0,07-0,15 130-230 160-270
250 0,05-0,12 100-190 120-220
350 0,04-0,10 60-120 70-140
Alloy steel 200 0,05-0,12 90-160 110-190
300 0,04-0,10 60-120 70-140
400 0,03-0,08 40-80 50-100
Stainless steel 150 0,05-0,12 90-160 110-190
250 0,04-0,10 60-120 70-140
350 0,03-0,08 40-80 50-100
Material Hardness Feed Rate
m/min m/min
HB mm/rev Uncoated Coated
High temperature alloy 200 0,03-0,09 30-90 40-110
300 0,03-0,09 20-75 25-90
400 0,03-0,09 15-50 20-65
Brass <110 0,07-0,25 250-500 300-700
>110 0,05-0,20 175-350 250-500
Copper <100 0,07-0,25 200-400 250-500
>100 0,05-0,20 140-280 175-350
Aluminum <100 0,07-0,15 250-600 300-700
>100 0,06-0,15 175-400 250-500

Additional information on cutting data


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