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Boring Bars for Face Grooving

In our strive to make life easier for machinists running Swiss Automatics, WhizCut is proud to present our line of face grooving inserts. The face grooving boring bars are able to take full advantage of the WhizIn angled clamping by not having to grind away as much as with a conventional setup.

For an even stronger tool WhizCut can supply boring bars with special geometries at good prices.

WhizCut Face Grooving boring bar


Style A
Boring Bars for Face Grooving

Boring bar face grooving insert

Face grooving insert  
            STOCK PRICE
Boring bar D b a L I 10M C10 F10 B10
C3NR A8-3-07 3 0,7 0,8 18 6 b k b b B2
C4NR A8-4-10 4 1 1,25 23,5 8 b k b b B3
C5NR A8-5-12 5 1,2 1,5 29 10 b k b b B4
C6NR A8-6-15 6 1,5 2 34 12 b k b b B6
C8NR A8-8-20 8 2 2,5 43 16 b k b b B10

Special widths and depths can be produced. Contact your local distributor for a quote.





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Boring bar face grooving insert
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