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WhizDrill Micro Drill Nomenclature


The WhizDrill Nomenclature

WhizCut have put together a fast and easy way to order the correct drill according to your specifications. All our drills can be ordered for every 0,01mm in diameter and with a range of different specifications. The below charts can be used to get the correct drill. Please contact us if you need any assistants at all to choose out the correct drill.
Other details to specify when ordering is: right or left hand, helix angle and the point angle the drills have H6 tolerance unless specified other.


Drill Drill Type Right/Left hand Drill d Helix angle Point angle Shank D mm Cutting Length mm O.V.A. length mm Grade
D S R/L -,- H P 3 7 30 C9


Name Drill Type
A 1-Flute twist drill with reinforced shank
B 2-Flute twist drill with reinforced shank
C 3-flute twist drill with reinforced shank
D 2-Flute twist drill
E 2-Flute step twist drill
F Spade drill
G Center drill
H Center drill long
I Half round drill
J 1,2,3 step half round drill
K Double countersink drills
Name Helix Angle˚
A 0
B 15
C 20
D 24
E 30
F 35
G 38
Name Point Angle˚
A 90
B 100
C 110
D 118
E 120
F 130
G 140

To order just follow the guidelines above to get your specific item number. Contact your WhizCut representative for a quote.

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