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WhizCut Product Catalogue 2015

New Catalogue Out Now!

Helsingborg, August 2014. WhizCut has released the 2015 product catalogue.

Download the WhizCut 2015 Product Catalogue on Cutting Tools (9,7 MB)


WhizCut 2015 Catalogue


New Products in Product Catalogue 2015

WhizHip - P. 18

We have extended our WhizHip line with new toolholders. WhizHip is now available in left hand and also a new version, CA, specially developed for Parting off small parts. The CA model Toolholder has a narrow front head so the part becomes easy accessible for the Sub spindle

WhiHip toolholders with through coolant in sliding head lathe

P-Line - P. 15, 21

Due to very high popularity of our inserts with extra high cutting rake angle we have extended this line with new versions.
Turning inserts with smaller or no corner radius, J15ER HP16-0, J15ER HP16-05, J15ER JP12-0
Copyturning inserts J15ER DP12-0, J15ER DP12-1, J15ER DP12-2, J15ER NP12-0-2, J15ER NP12-052, J15ER NP12-05-2, J15ER NP12-1-3, J15ER VP12-08, J15ER MP12-2
Backturning inserts K15ER BP12-2-0, K15ER BP12-2-05, K15ER BP12-4-0


Back Turning - P. 21

K15ER VLR12-12 is developed for where there is a need to profile or backturn with a small radius. This tool makes a 0,1mm radius in the corner but has a 0,2mm lead radius which gives a nice surface finish and longer tool life than using a 0,1mm full profile insert.

Back turning insert with high cutting rake angle

WhizThrill - P. 32

WhizThrill Micro Thread Mills are now available with full profile from M1,0. Also our V profile Thread Mills start at M0,5 or #0000 160 TPI.
New Lengths of all 16 mm Thread Mills. Tapered Thread Mills for Bone Plates are can also be made.

Micro thread mill
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